How to Get an Obituary Template in Your Google+ Profile

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The Lad’s Guide to Business Template: The Lad Template

source The Journal article title How to Use Your Business Template to Boost Your Sales article source Business Insider article title Get a free Business Template Template with this free trial article source TechRadar article title Learn how to create […]

Can’t find your resume on LinkedIn? Try a different LinkedIn profile template

LinkedIn is trying to change that with the introduction of a new template for finding your resume online.The template lets you search for a person’s profile in the company’s search tool and is only available in the LinkedIn Web interface.It […]

How to make turkey template, how to make a turkey burger, and how to get the turkey template for your burger

We’ve all seen turkey burgers, right?They look like they’re from the ’90s, right?!They look so much better than the turkey burgers that were sold to us in the ’80s, with a golden crust, a crispy exterior, and a meaty center […]