New guidelines on the best college resume templates

College resumes are getting a new makeover, with some colleges introducing templates that make them easier to read.

The Federal Trade Commission and the Education Department released new guidelines on Wednesday to help colleges hire and train the best candidates.

Colleges must offer a high-quality, flexible work experience, a diverse and diverse group of qualified applicants, and a commitment to diversity.

The guidance, published on the FTC’s website, calls for a diversity of experience and experience-based recruiting, including:The college will have to meet certain requirements to receive the Diversity of Experience (DOE) designation.

College applicants must have an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution.

College graduates must have a college degree or equivalent credential.

A college will be considered for the DOE designation if its students are offered a position that requires a specialized education, a unique work experience that can be taught and performed by an individual, or a combination of both.

Colleges also must demonstrate that hiring decisions are made on the basis of the best qualified candidate for the position.

College applications must include a cover letter, cover letter copy, and curriculum vitae.

Colleges may also submit a written statement that explains why the college is best positioned for a particular position.

The FTC said colleges must also be transparent about their hiring practices and the compensation packages that are offered.

The guidelines also call for colleges to develop a diversity training plan, including for each candidate.

The College Council, which represents colleges, said in a statement that it applauds the FTC for putting in place new guidelines.