What to look for when shopping for tickets to games at Bridgestone Arena

The NHL has announced it is adding a “daily schedule” template to the official online ticketing site for all of the games that will take place at Bridging the Gap in 2018. 

“The daily schedule template will allow fans to view games on a daily basis,” NHL Vice President of Ticketing Operations Paul Knaus said in a press release.

“Fans can browse the schedule by season and by location. 

For the upcoming season, we will also expand the schedule to include games that take place during the NHL All-Star Weekend.”

The “daily” schedule is expected to be released next week.

For now, you can browse and download the schedule on the NHL website.

The league will also release a series of additional templates for fans to create their own daily schedules. 

The daily calendar will allow for fans the ability to browse by season, league, game, location and a few more options. 

Fans can download the calendar as a PDF by clicking here. 

On Tuesday, the NHL announced it had purchased a majority stake in the company that operates the NHL. 

Citing the need to improve its infrastructure and the “need for the NHL to better align its ticketing and promotion efforts,” the league announced Tuesday that it has purchased the remaining 51% stake in Ticketmaster. 

While the majority of Ticketmaster’s operations are now in the hands of the NHL, the company still has a long way to go to fully transition its business from a “single source” to a “multi-source” company. 

As the NHL looks to transition Ticketmaster to the NHL’s platform, the new NHL template will give fans the option to “buy tickets” through the NHL Ticketing App and Ticketmaster Ticketing Service. 

To do so, fans can click on the “ticket” link in the NHL app or on the Ticketmaster app. 

Once fans purchase tickets through the app, they can “sign up” and enter their personal information and purchase details. 

From there, the team will be able to provide fans with a unique ticket number to track their attendance on a per-game basis. 

In the event fans do not have tickets for a specific game, the app will provide them with a list of available tickets on a “demand” basis.

Tickets for all NHL games will be available for purchase at a nominal cost beginning on January 6, 2019. 

Tickets will also be available at all Ticketmaster outlets, including the new Ticketmaster Center and NHL Center in Raleigh.