A DIY pumpkin-themed printable template

By Michelle Liddon, ABC News A few years ago, when the UK decided to ban the sale of pumpkin-flavored chewing gum, I made a little pumpkin-inspired printable for my friends to try out.

I was inspired by the idea of using the same template to print the words ‘pumpkin’ or ‘pumkin bread’ to decorate the top of the packaging, as I do when my friends are making pumpkin pie or muffins.

I ended up making a few more for my own birthday present.

They are quite lovely.

One of the best things about my DIY pumpkin template is that you can choose any word you want and print it out on to a sticky note.

I also made this simple, inexpensive pumpkin-printed cake that looks great in a cake tin.

This pumpkin-printable pumpkin cake is so simple to make and is perfect for baking.

You can make it as a cake with one of the standard pumpkin-cake recipes, or make it with a variation on the traditional recipe, using the ingredients and spices of your choice.

You just need to follow the recipe exactly.

The recipe for this cake makes about 10-12 mini cakes.

For the cake that comes out the biggest challenge is to find a good sized pumpkin to make the top and sides of the cake.

If you are using fresh or frozen pumpkins, try to get them from a local farm.

You might need to cut the pumpkin up into small pieces or trim the tips and stalks to make a pumpkin cake.

This cake can also be used as a substitute for cake icing, if you wish.

If you have any other ideas for making this cake or pumpkin cake, be sure to let me know in the comments section below!