The Jerusalem Financial Times’ budget template is no longer available

The Jerusalem Economic Times is hosting a new template for its daily budget for the upcoming financial year.

The format, which will be presented to all of its subscribers this week, will also allow subscribers to download it and print it.

The new template will be the first in the Financial Times’s portfolio of templates, launched in 2014, and it is aimed at giving its employees more control over their financial affairs.

The new budget will allow them to make more informed financial decisions, according to the Times.

The Jerusalem Financial Report is a monthly report which aims to help the daily paper’s staff to keep track of the finances of their organizations.

In addition, the report will provide the daily publication with financial information about the companies it covers, including the salaries and bonuses of its employees.

The template is a “basic guide for the daily work of a journalist, based on the principles of truth and transparency,” the paper said in a statement.

“It contains the essentials of the financial system as well as the important data related to financial management, including a full list of financial transactions and the annual report of a company, as well the financial position of each individual employee.”

The report is available on the daily newspaper’s website, where the Times publishes a section of the template.

The budget template will also give the daily edition more freedom in how it presents the information it receives.

The Times said the new format would allow its reporters to better understand the financial landscape.

“We will introduce more information in the daily financial report, which is a source of great interest for the public, and we will also be able to make some changes in how we present our financial information, and also what is the main financial information we provide to our readers,” the statement said.

“For instance, we will introduce a different page for each section of our daily budget, which we will publish with more information on our financial accounts and our revenue.”