Why we love this new mind map for the NFL title “What the hell happened here? The NFL has a new mind-map template”

By now you probably know about the NFL mind-maps.

They are cool, but they don’t make sense.

Let’s try to explain what the NFL does with these mind-mapping templates.

The NFL’s mind maps are divided into three categories.

The first is the regular-season maps, which are the same ones you see during the regular season, with each team’s home field and away team being marked in blue.

The second is the postseason maps, with the NFL’s home teams being marked with a red outline and the teams’ opponents in a red circle.

And lastly, there’s the league-wide map, which is divided into two parts: one with each NFL team’s location and the other with the teams home field.

The first part of the NFL map is actually the map of the team’s stadium, and is divided by two zones.

In the north-central part of each zone is the stadium.

The stadium’s north and south corners are black, while the west and east corners are yellow.

The east corner of the stadium’s west and south sides are marked with white.

The west and north corners are marked by orange and black, respectively.

The middle part of this map is colored red, which indicates that there is a team at the stadium, while in the middle of the map the stadium is a red and black square.

The second part of these mind maps is called the postseason map.

This map is divided up into four zones, with red in the north and black in the south.

The south and north are marked red and orange, while those in the west are marked orange and blue.

And the north is marked with orange and yellow.

These mind maps can be found in the following format:TeamName =Team StadiumTeamNameRedOrangeYellowOrangeYellowGreenGreenBlueTeamNameTeam StadiumRedOrangeGreenYellowOrangeGreenBlueBlueTeam NameTeam StadiumGreenYellowBlueOrangeYellowBlueGreenBlueThe third part of mind maps contains the team logos, which were also shown in the regular and postseason maps.

The logos were first introduced in the 2009 season.

The logo for the Houston Texans is shown in red, while that for the Tennessee Titans is green and yellow and that for Denver Broncos is blue.

These logos were later added to the playoff maps as well, and the logos of the Cincinnati Bengals and Jacksonville Jaguars were also added to mind maps for each team.

Here is a list of all of the teams that have been shown in mind maps.

(Source: NFLmindmaps.com)Here are the mind maps that were shown during the 2014 regular season.

This is a good reminder to not let your emotions get the best of you, as they will hurt you in the real game.

This mind map is a mix of a white background and the NFL logo, and was used to mark home field for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the NFC Championship Game against the Atlanta Falcons.

The Steelers are shown in blue, while their opponent is shown red and blue in the lower part of their map.

Here are some other mind maps from the 2014 season:The Cleveland Browns and New York Jets were shown in green and red respectively, while a team from the San Diego Chargers was marked in orange and purple.

The Washington Redskins were shown red in yellow, while Jacksonville Jaguars fans were shown purple in orange.

Here’s the NFC standings map, and it is a mixed-up version of the playoff map.

The Browns are in red in orange, the New York Giants in green, and Seattle Seahawks fans in purple.

This is a mind map of Atlanta Falcons fans, who are in orange on the right side, while fans from Seattle Seahawks are red on the left.

The Jaguars are green on the top, and Atlanta Falcons are in yellow on the bottom.

Here it is again, a mind-blowing mind map, as the Jacksonville Jaguars and Washington Redskins fans are in purple and red.

The Redskins are in green in orange with the Jaguars in yellow.

Here the San Francisco 49ers are in blue and purple, while Dallas Cowboys fans are yellow and orange in orange (as per their playoff map).

The San Francisco Giants are in white in red and green, while San Diego Raiders fans are orange and red in purple (as shown in their playoff maps).

The New York Mets are red in blue with their home stadium in orange in the top right corner, while New Orleans Saints fans are green and purple in red (as pictured below).

The Miami Dolphins are in the red and purple with their team logo in orange at the bottom of the screen.

The New York Yankees are in black in white with their logo in purple in the bottom left corner.

Here, the Miami Dolphins fans are wearing white and purple while fans of the Philadelphia Eagles are wearing green and orange.

The Cleveland Indians are shown red, but their fans are purple and orange (again, as per their postseason maps).

The Kansas City Chiefs are in gray