Dr. John J. Marzulli, a former CIA analyst, is suing the CIA for $100 million

Dr. Marzanulli is suing a former director of the CIA and the Pentagon, saying he was terminated for leaking classified information.

In the suit filed Thursday in federal court in Washington, D.C., Marzanulis claims he was fired after the CIA inspector general concluded that he made a mistake in an article he wrote for the agency’s blog in 2006.

The blog, known as The Source, published a series of classified documents that exposed the agency and other agencies that have covertly provided weapons to foreign governments.

Marzanullis’ article was published by the CIA’s blog, The Source.

The blog has since been shut down and no longer has access to classified documents.

The suit alleges that the CIA illegally withheld confidential information from Marzanullys editors, including his source.

The CIA was not immediately available for comment.

In addition to the lawsuit, Marzanulla said he is also seeking damages from the Department of Defense and the Defense Intelligence Agency, among others.