New guidelines on the best college resume templates

College resumes are getting a new makeover, with some colleges introducing templates that make them easier to read.The Federal Trade Commission and the Education Department released new guidelines on Wednesday to help colleges hire and train the best candidates.Colleges must […]

Instagram’s Instagram account is now a platform for your own brand, a startup founder says

It was a strange beginning.I didn’t know what I wanted to do.But after my first few months, I realized that I didn.I had always had an affinity for social media, and Instagram was an important part of that.The company had […]

You can make your own food in under an hour using the ‘free’ recipes section of this site

Free recipe templates are available for free on this site, including many great dishes from the menu sections of food magazines.However, most recipes are also available for a modest fee.There are also some ‘freebie’ recipes available for use in a […]

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