How to use a spreadsheet template for your organizational chart templates

The Business Paper Template Template is a simple, free spreadsheet template that will help you create your business plan for your organization.The template is based on the Business Paper, a guide to creating an organizational chart and business plan.In the […]

Dr. John J. Marzulli, a former CIA analyst, is suing the CIA for $100 million

Dr. Marzanulli is suing a former director of the CIA and the Pentagon, saying he was terminated for leaking classified information.In the suit filed Thursday in federal court in Washington, D.C., Marzanulis claims he was fired after the CIA inspector […]

Next Big Futures: Biggest Companies in the World, 2018 template, Webflow templates

Next Big is pleased to announce that the 2018 edition of the Best Companies in America ranking will feature two of the top-ranked companies on the list, as voted by the global community of experts, investors, and business owners.The 2018 […]

How to Draw Your Own Animated GIFs with Microsoft’s New

Paint.Net is a free, free, and open source software that lets you draw your own animated GIFs.Paint.NET lets you create and save animated GIF images with just a few clicks.You can create your own animations, or share them with others. The […]

Free budget template for business, start-up, freelance, freelance project, freelance freelancer template, freelance template

Business-minded freelancers often need a budget template to help them determine what they should spend on their business and freelancing projects.We created this template to assist them with their budgeting and planning process.Here’s what you’ll find: What we’ve done We’ve […]